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tv   [untitled]    March 31, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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i think. well. we haven't got the river to keep him safe get ready if you are freed up. a charm or been here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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new web site which twenty four seven live streaming news times what to do about the ongoing financial heart unlimited high quality videos for download. and stories you may never find mainstream news. so. maybe the political. posts aren't such. as welcome to shallow as hell on the alone a show with part of our guests not the sound the topic now i want to hear audio just go on you tube the video response or the twitter first part of the question that we host on youtube every monday and on thursday the show long response is really.
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all right it's time for tides to a time of war are public in montana congressman is in some hot water alan hale was speaking on the house floor in helena about drunk driving but not in the way that you might think the lawmakers in the state are currently debating a bill that allows courts to look at a person's driving background from the previous ten years and they're being sentenced. because currently the court system can only go back five years but congressman alan hale is not a bit happy about the proposed new law take a listen to his stance on drunk driving on the house floor these dui laws are not doing our small businesses in our state any good at all they're destroying them that they're destroying a way of life that has been in montana for years and years these are these stabbings and bars and these smaller communities connect people together they're the center of the communities and. there's only two ways to get there you know you
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hitchhike or you drive and i promise you that you're not going to get strike thank you. so alan hale is all for drunk driving i'm sure that's going to make him really popular with all the drunks in the state pellets keep in mind there were two hundred twenty nine dui deaths in the state of montana last year but i'm confused how is cracking down on drunk driving killing jobs to alan hale's using a common thing amongst republicans they've argued for decades the any regulations whatsoever are job killers so without thinking hale believes that people getting duis for driving drunk and endangering the lives of innocent people hurt small bars and pubs who cares about people that are killed and drunk driving accidents by no fault of their own let's protect the bar makes total sense but let's also look at why alan hill might be so adamant about the issue it could be because he and his wife own a barn cafe and bass in montana called the silver saddle and that's why he's
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defending drunk driving so give it up or alan hale tonight's cool time winner and while you're at it maybe go get smashed and drive your vehicle through the front wall of silver saddle because he doesn't seem to have a problem with that not one bit. now the republican campaign says i'm ali women's health care we present to you to you two states that are proposing and passing some outrageous bills on abortion and let's start in indiana a state legislator has already been debating a bill called h.b. twelve that would restrict females from having an abortion after twenty weeks whereas in the past the cutoff was twenty four weeks and the move already gave the bill reputation for being one of the most strict anti-abortion measures in the country but that was just the tip of the iceberg turns out to eight me twelve ten sponsor representative eric turner want to add an amendment to his bill that would restrict women from carrying out an abortion for any reason after twenty weeks even if it was a case of incest or rape and you want to know why not just take a listen. who is desires. a little bored sharon
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could simply say. they've been worried or their. poorly worded is tasteful i can't even find the right words to call out turner for this truly insane comment but let me help mr turner i can assure you that women probably aren't using rape or incest as an excuse to just casually terminate a fetus but you don't see in this clip is that a female state representative called out turner for his explanation and frankly i hope the other females in the house of representatives are also going to stand up for women's rights against this outrageous legislation now the other state has launched a fresh attack on women's rights is arizona governor jan brewer signed a new anti-abortion bill into law declaring it illegal for any doctor to perform an abortion based on the race or gender of the fetus so it would be considered a felony for the doctor who performed the abortion however there be no punishment
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for the woman who received a medical procedure and you might first say it sounds like a great bill don't let people have an abortion just because they don't like the sex of their baby don't let them discriminate but for the record there is actually absolutely no evidence that there is a problem of babies being aborted due to race or sex so wires are decidedly deemed that an issue is quite baffling to me and here we are again later slating on non issues so could simply be a way to restrict abortion rights under the guise of equal protection i think so but those who back the measure say that it's a necessary step in order to stop any kind of discrimination which i think we all know is complete bull so as you can imagine planned parenthood is speaking out about this new law saying that it creates a highly unusual requirement that women state publicly their reason for choosing to terminate a pregnancy a private decision that they already made with their physician partner and family so yeah it's just be a latest example of republicans invading the personal lives of women keeping them
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from making any decisions regarding their own bodies and you know i was upset enough after i saw a wave of anti-abortion bills spring up across the country but now they're actually becoming law this is real this is a blatant attack on women's health and reproductive rights so let me tell you arizona and indiana we're on to you. well with special attention paid to and rest in the middle east nuclear crisis in japan and our latest war in libya i think it's pretty safe to say it's been a busy year in the world of news as media outlets are scrambling to bring you coverage of these disasters and revolutions seems that they're putting their own organizations at risk artes as they see it you're going to find out why the mainstream media is facing a budget collapse. and protests and news pundits are teleporting almost at the speed of light from the safety of their news desks in far away endanger us polices sirens are now going off led by their journalistic colleagues and big bucks to be made and spent on egypt tunisia libya you know rural schools health care us japan
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in a tremor up to nami and earthquakes i want to err on the side of caution for you here disaster is exploding around the world one after the other these past months of group all raking news records my guess is that you're ok forcing us networks to cough up the cash the news organizations are crying because they're saying that the spending their entire budget is gone by march their whole annual budget of covering emergencies and crises with the latest from cairo reports suggest big t.v. networks have been spending as much as two million dollars on each of the middle east uprisings one network is said to have spent an entire one and a half million dollars in just one day in japan while this money is ripping away at their annual budgets it's certainly not ripping away at the pockets of the star pundits when you talk about someone like katie couric who for five years reportedly
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received fifteen million dollars a year you talk about brian williams ten million dollars a year and some reports now if they didn't take those it enormous salaries you could hire a hundred or one hundred fifty actual reporters. producers but instead most networks have been shutting down foreign bureaus and kicking out hundreds of journalists many of whom were on the ground and actually in the know a.b.c. news alone twenty five percent of their entire news staff last year begging the question whether the superstars are actually worth more than hundreds of their colleagues and putting a toll on the information their viewers end up receiving there is no doubt that in general quality of any one news organization is lower than it was thirty years ago with a shadow officially cast on what was once top notch news coverage to pay the enormous
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salaries to these stars who don't know a lot about the middle east they're not experts on nuclear power they don't speak arabic but there they are jetting over to these countries it's a little silly and we have a standing by getting filled in on events in an unknown land forces networks to play catch up at top speed but often unsuccessfully as far as libya goes you know we're hearing all this talk about the rebels nobody has really told me who these rebels are they don't seem to know though c.n.n. got to enjoy the highest reading since obama's inauguration after several months of dined you worship bucks for one that's been caught cheating yet again placing shibuya bag man a local nightclub on one map with japan's nuclear reactors as well as going so far as to call new york's times square with the lion king ad kairos to rere square and its news coverage in fear of being out competed by others t.v.
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networks have to be there or be square the wrong square that is and while this not and certainly saves a buck or two it can cover up the fact that crews check in for disaster jet back for when the worst is over leaving viewers in the dark about what leads up to and what happens after the chaos as they see. r t new york. by now we've gotten past the moment when news outlets are feeling the rush of a brand new war more excited about reporting live as tomahawk cruise missiles are fired and questioning why we're there in the first place but now we're twelve or thirteen days into this bombing campaign and we probably have learned their lesson from iraq of not blindly following whatever the administration throws their way rather than playing their role as a watchdog but that hasn't turned out to be the case and the biggest offenders in fact have turned out to be the left wing media as in and as a v.c. . the president has no record saying that libyan agents have killed americans that shows an american i need to hear oh yes i take president obama's word for it the
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troops will i be engaged on the ground i take his word for you if you want to hang me in my opinion i did try this remember well that's what. really he'll take the president's word for it when we've consistently been uncovering new lies now i guess we should be surprised here but once again it does prove that the mainstream media chooses partisanship over analysis joining me to discuss it is eric harris the founder and director of antiwar dot com eric thanks so much for joining us tonight thank you for having me what do you think is going on here and suddenly the anti-war left is all gung ho about war maybe maybe not gung ho maybe ed schultz is the only one but the rest of them i would say are being very very soft on the issue oh they are going home schultz is one of the more extreme but we've seen this across the board in the liberal media and they're blindly following obama on the libya war the same way the conservative media followed bush on the iraq war it's
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become much more just partisan and they're not really interested in finding the truth as it should said all i need to know is what obama told me. which i have to say i think is the most absolutely ridiculous statement i've ever heard i mean even imus n.b.c. has been covering are uncovering things that the obama administration promised to do and that has not lived up to those promises throughout the past two years that he's been in office so how can you possibly make a statement like that well exactly and one of the problems is that many of these people are much more interested in domestic issues so they're willing to blindly follow their leader or the president on foreign policy in order to not undercut them and they're afraid that they're going to undercut him if they oppose or even question his foreign policy actions but is it really i mean i think that partisanship is definitely something that's very apparent here if we look at like i
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said m.s.m. we see fox news the cable networks but do we also see some of these undertones of what went on with iraq that if you are questioning this new war then suddenly you're not a patriot. exactly in that spirit childes is talking the same way he was accusing the bush administration of talking back during the iraq war you saying you're either with us or against us and and the media continues to put that forward that what we were experiencing now of is very similar to the media reaction during the kosovo war in the in the ninety's when the only outlived that was putting forth any anti-war. views was fox news in that's what you have again is fox news has the most anti-war reporting of any of the major networks and that's basically just because obama is president so it turns into anti obama reporting now i'm just
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curious as to you obviously run antiwar dot com i think these days if people want analysis a lot of them will go to the internet but how does your traffic you know what this is and follow depending on what's going on in our war zone or did you suddenly see a big pick up when we launch another war into libya oh absolutely whenever there's action going on in wars around the world are traffic skyrockets and that's what we're seeing today people want to look for an alternative because most people see this and as just blindly following the president i mean i don't think good shots fools anybody but do you think you know why did why do the child's do it and do you know do television personalities think their audiences are that stupid that they can't understand a little bit of nuance a little bit of analysis instead of paying everything so black and white yes i think they're elitist and they have contempt for their own viewers they think that they can blindly lead them just by saying things and
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a lot of these people are very egotistical and very full of themselves if you watch people like ed schultz you'll see grabber. well i hope that isn't the case i hope of the viewers aren't buying it although if you look at some of the polls regarding fox news's coverage in the past than they definitely do buy it i'm hoping the m.s.m. you see there is a little wiser than that eric thank you so much for joining us tonight thank you fred. now tonight's show intel is just ahead and then threats of a government shutdown with over washington and out of process agree for a budget deal been made more difficult by the tea party i distrust our prime healer from talking points not only return. you know some good to see a story and it seems so for like sleep is if you understand it and then you glimpse something else in here see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok if you don't i'm trying hard welcomes the big picture.
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let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right. i think the leader wanted well. we never got the feds to further keep him safe get ready because of the your freedom. my guys welcome to shellings hell on the ellen show we've heard our guests talk to say on the topic now i want to hear from our audience just go on to you tube does video respond hard to twitter for part of the question that we've host on you tube
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every monday and on thursday when the show long response is please let your voice be heard. all right it's time for show and tell on tonight's program last time we discussed the koch brothers of famous billionaires who have been hated on by left wingers so
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much recently we want to know if you thought they were being victimized or fairly attacked we ask you are the koch brothers being unfairly scapegoated by the left and here's what some of you had to say i mean parineeta replied on facebook their public condemnation is absolutely justified an individual or individuals who is are so dead set on destroying the middle class to feed their own greed cannot be targeted enough. gives us his employer said interesting to note that one of the koch brothers gave seven million dollars to nova p.b.s. program among other non-profits so i don't think they're evil just wrong about the way our economic system should be structured and the o'malley tweeted to us targeting is unfair when using sweeping generalizations and pauline murphy sounded off on twitter she said oh boo koch brothers and they try to pack the political landscape to benefit themselves and what do they expect now as always we thank you for your responses and here's our next topic of discussion government shutdown has been once again looming for weeks now today there's news that
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a compromise might have been reached and it's still hard to tell how this will turn out so let us know what you think if a government shutdown does take place who is more to blame democrats or republicans even respond to. on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows your response just might make it on air. so it looks like the inevitable government shutdown might not be so inevitable after all according to house speaker john boehner and vice president joe biden a compromise has allegedly been reached a kind of around thirty three billion dollars now of course we don't yet know what programs these cuts will be coming from but i guess the fact that our government can agree on a number is better than nothing but what will the g.o.p. leadership do about the angry tea partiers who came out to protest on capitol hill today and how long until we have to see this entire game played out yet again here discussing with me you reporter for talking points memo dot com and apparently a member of the tories p.c. brat pack right thanks so much for being on the show tonight here ok so maybe we are going to see a government shutdown and it's all kind of speculative at the moment but for
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starters we're just asking what is wrong with our government is a really that dysfunctional that this needs to happen over and over again they've already passed six of these temporary stopgap spending bills they always have to bring it down to the bottom with the wire i think that there's a there's real money for the g.o.p. in. these negotiations out because you get to that moment whether it's a government shutdown or a default on the debt the more leverage you have to demand concessions from the other party and so we've seen this play out over and over again because it's not that they have such fundamental disagreements on the spending it's what can they get out of those negotiations so that's what's put out sort of people in life will see it happen probably a few more times before before the end of the fiscal year next year to instant game so now we have this news that perhaps republicans democrats have agreed on at least a number on thirty three billion dollars in cuts that we don't know what programs might be cut they won't tell us until everything's agreed upon but you know you've
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got a scoop earlier today that perhaps entitlements are now in the mix. spending programs think that the g.o.p. will put some ideas out there. mandatory maybe for medicaid maybe for medicare probably not social security you might see a little bit of tax expenditures tax subsidies which are basically spending in britain through the tax code be scaled back a little bit but this thing still has a lot of winding to do there's there's the whole issue of riders and there's still haggling over the you know the precise allocations of the spending so you know you could see like we had a blow up about this last week you can see that you could imagine that playing out again over the next two three days four days until they have up until april eighth to get it done so you're still not convinced that we're on the right path today seemed like a breath of fresh air seemed like we got a little bit of good news it's seems like you know a little bit of pressure was release of all those turn but i think you can see this wind in you know the fears about a government shutdown spike again next week it could happen maybe things will still
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smoothly but i would but even if they do it by april eighth this really only you know would be a budget that goes until september thirtieth then we have a long term budget that we also have another bill if you allow the government to be able to borrow money so it's just going to be a constant headache basically all year long all year and probably in the next year and i think that certain people in congress wouldn't mind having one of these fights play out ahead of election season you know one thing i find interesting is that the senate so far has individually passed this bill saying that if a government shutdown is to happen they won't get their paychecks but they want to make money but the house hasn't done that and you know some of the complaints that we've heard we heard sean duffy the former real world guys saying that you know he has a lot of debt he really needs that one paycheck but i don't think that sounds to americans you know he's still making one hundred seventy four thousand dollars a year people whose lives are literally on the line with these budget cuts and yet we don't house members say that day they aren't enough you can see that he wishes
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he hadn't said that because he's trying to do his best to stand like temp down on the news that yes they took the video offline we were going to play it on the show they ruined everything right so-so. so that a terrible i did learn something before come on the shows are going to help you get some news here that the house will vote on that same measure to suspend congressional pay if there's a shutdown there's there's a constitutional issue there where the constitution says you're not allowed to alter congressional pay in the middle of the term so it's probably just a bit of symbolism and never can really be enforceable but that the house we let out the constitution when all the time. i mean one congressman when it comes to congressmen their money i can imagine that. that might not happen somehow i think you're right and that is that now of course today we also keep partiers came out to protest on capitol hill and they're not happy they want the original one hundred billion dollars of that republicans promised when they came into office and so you
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know do you think we're going to see a bit of a split within the republican party right now because the leaders realize that they need to compromise but the party isn't happy i do i think there's going to be a real split i think john it was a lot of votes because of the tea party rally that happened today was very small it was a two hundred people and i think democrats might have preferred a bigger showing so they could point to those people and say look this is the reason the government shutdown and said it was a couple hundred but that that movement has real influence in the republican party still and people are going to be scared looking primaried if they vote for this this compromise bill and so you're going to see a lot of defections and it in a sense the more that happens the more john boehner has to compromise with democrats in the more liberal the spending bill has to be and you could see this you know spiraling to the left a bit it started seeing john boehner of course blaming democrats for this today he said you know we only run half of one third of the government so we can't impose our will on another body but that is so funny because i could have sworn that when republicans weren't even in the majority they kind of show you know tax extensions
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for the wealthiest americans down our throats republicans are very good at negotiating that we've been negotiating with democrats most of the time they drew a very hard bargain and now they're coming to terms with the fact that i can get a hundred percent what they wanted but really i mean they got they got much more out of the democrats than i think the democrats have expected if if you had said a year ago that the democrats were going to vote to pass as much spending cuts as paul ryan the budget chairman in the house would have wanted people called you crazy but that's that is going to happen and now they're being forced into it so let's say that a government shutdown it does occur although it seems like it probably fall because they just keep passing these emergency stopgap measures who would be more to play. crowds already we've playing the republicans i think you know i think you blame the democrats a little bit more but i think that you know howard dean asked the other day when he said i think that the democrats should be quietly rooting for it i think. the democrats probably want to avoid what they realize that the politics of a government shutdown will be bad for republicans because people can understand
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that hey that we you know the government can shut down when the democrats run things it's only when republicans come to power that they shut everything down and let it go and right and so and so that logic you know is pretty compelling to people. but you know if there is a shutdown i don't think all the democrats in congress are going to be too scared all right or see what happens but i'm sick of politics right thanks so much for being on the right now before we go tonight it's time for our tweet of the day donald trump was on bill o'reilly show last night and again claiming president obama was not born here in the u.s. but our riley basically told trump he was crazy for believing all that burger crap so tonight we think that the d.n.c. should tweet you know it's sad when bill o'reilly has to be the voice of reason and that's it for tonight's well thanks for tuning into me back tomorrow robert francis will be on the show to discuss the latest out of libya and the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the alona show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's program or any other nights you can always catch all the flash the ownership puts the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is
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the news with the latest headlines from the us around. as you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these murders that's not inside the song so it should not be punished for his crimes so on is being honest no rational person and then i doubt someone has been punished and has been punished and will be punished. by sours must be executed for the brutal crime committed this is a punishment this is not. a mention. saying. constant emersed no me whatsoever.
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how i didn't come here justice. and heard they first. started this more. violent wife. and i that is now.


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